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Nisar Keshvani: University of Central Asia
25 Years: Walk a Mile in a Fellows Shoes, Aga Khan Foundation, Canada
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“The *AKF Fellowship programme has truly lived up to its reputation – it is a unique opportunity to build capacity in development. Two Fellows worked with me in communications, and both have made remarkable contributions. It has been win-win – the Fellows were exposed to opportunities they would not normally access, and the host institution can leverage their energy and provide a grooming opportunity. Both played an integral role in helping set up systems – from a university calendar, to media policies and guidelines, an internal newsletter, and a quarterly magazine.”

« Le programme de stages de la Fondation n’a pas failli à sa réputation. Il s’agit d’une occasion unique de renforcer le développement de la capacité. J’ai travaillé avec deux stagiaires en communications et tous deux ont apporté des contributions remarquables. Ce fut une expérience gagnant-gagnant; les stagiaires ontété exposés à des occasions auxquelles ils n’auraient pas habituellement pu accéder et l’institution d’accueil a pu renouveler son énergie en plus d’offrir une occasion de formation. Les deux ont joué un rôle intégral dans l’établissement des systèmes, qu’il s’agisse d’un calendrier universitaire, de politique et directives médiatiques, d’un bulletin d’informations interne et d’un magazine trimestriel. »

(left) Mentor Nisar Keshvani, University of Central Asia Head of Communications with Emily Harrison, Aga Khan Foundation Canada Fellow at the Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic Airport after organising a media briefing to announce the start of UCA's Phase I Naryn campus construction.

* The Aga Khan Foundation Canada's International Fellowship Program offers an extraordinary training program and an eight-month overseas placement to recent university graduates and young professionals who are 30 years or under. For more information:


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