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The QUT Creative Industries Experience
Connecting business enterprise, education, R&D, cultural production and exhibition in a creative precinct.
Nisar Keshvani - Featured Alumni
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I spent four of the best years of my life with QUT’s Creative Industries. Three as a BA and research Masters student and one as academic staff. These qualifications and experience, in the new media field, became a passport for me to work anywhere in the world. Since then, I have worked in four out of five continents as an educator, consultant, journalist and web specialist.

QUT provided me with an all-round education - learning basic industry skills, practices and theoretical perspectives are one thing. But what was more valuable was the ability to trial and test out new ideas, and watch them progress or fail, and learn from mistakes. I picked up very useful thinking strategies which I was able to apply with every job I encountered.

Nisar Keshvani, QUT Bachelor of Journalism and Master of Arts (Research), Singapore

The QUT Creative Industries Experience
Connecting business enterprise, education, R&D, cultural production and exhibition in a creative precinct.

Queensland was the first state in Australia to test the idea of the creative industries in practice and in policy implementation. The results have put Queensland at the forefront of research and development in the creative industries in Australia, internationally and have led to a strong presence in the fast moving economies of East Asia.

This 72 page illustrated publication assembles essays by leading voices and practitioners in the creative industries, writing from the perspectives of education, research and business development. The essays detail the experiences gained in developing the Queensland University of Technology Creative Industries Precinct and the Kelvin Grove Urban Village. Both projects are world leading examples of education renewal. The lessons learned will be of use to government, urban planners, creative business operators and particularly to those concerned with educational reform.

Table of Contents

  • John Hartley: Research- led educational renewal and economic-cultural convergenceSusan Street: Education renewal and the Creative Industries Faculty 
  • Stuart Cunningham: The creative industries ideaAnna Rooke: Creative Enterprise Australia: a model for growing the creative economy 
  • Lindy Johnson: Queensland Government leads on Creative Industries 
  • Stuart Cunningham: Renovating research and policy on creative industries and innovation
  • Jeff Jones: Effective Collaboration for Managing R&D in Creative Industries
  • Philip Graham: Interdisciplinarity: Six Planes of Engagement
  • Stephen Pincus: KGUV – a creative and clever community
  • Christopher Wren: a view from the design perspective 
  • Hornery Institute: Staying in step with the emerging community
  • Lubi Thomas: QUT Precincts
  • Christopher Meakin: QUT’s international programmes and linkages.
  • Michael Keane: The uncertain journey


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