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Online arts magazine celebrates 15th anniversary in style
A year is a long time in the IT industry pockmarked with numerous collapses, but the electronic magazine fineArt forum has reached the 15-year mark and has revamped the site to mark the occasion.

fineArt forum has established itself globally since it begun in 1987 as a bulletin board service and continues to celebrate the intersection of art, science and technology.

Although it was originally started as a bulletin board service, as the possibilities of the medium progressed, so to did fineArt forum and today it is published monthly offering a free online news service. and a global readership of 85,000.
fineArt forum is celebrating its anniversary success with a showcase of multimedia artworks.

Nisar Keshvani is editor in chief of fineArt forum and curated a screening programme "fineArt in motion" in commemoration

"To celebrate our 15th birthday, fAf wanted to stray away from the digital realm and reach out to people from everywhere through a common medium - images," Nisar says.

"We received a number of entries, but we selected the 14 works because the directors were relatively new to the field, and they each display their 'home' culture and a piece of themselves through their work."

15 years is a long time in the industry and in accordance with the sites global appeal the screening featured 14 works from across the globe, including - Taiwan, France, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand and Singapore.

The showcase of multimedia artworks included a total of 14 films played back to back covering topics from the environment to adventures of an animated dog named Cepe.

The secret to online success
Australian editor of fineArt forum, Linda Carroli has worked just over a year with the online magazine and says the site survives due to low operational costs and because it has been managed and produced on a volunteer basis.

She says that fineArt forum is based Queensland University of Technology's communication design faculty, and is a professional publication with a very high standard of work which continues to take advantage of developments in online technology.

Empirical research has revealed that fineArt forum's readers are predominantly academics and new media practitioners, or hold academic jobs.

Linda says the magazine is pitched toward professionals and academics in the art, science and technology fields.

"fAf is very much grounded in the new media arts community. fAf has developed and grown in line with developments and growth in new media arts generally and globally," Linda says.

"As an organisation and a publication, our ethos is that we'd rather work in partnership and collaborate than compete with other organisations in the field.

"We are very much ensconced in the infrastructure of new media arts practice and I'd like to think that we share a kind of living history with other new media arts organisations."

Linda says fineArt forum is focused on providing a comprehensive, reliable, free news and information service, relevant to art, science and technology practitioners as well as assisting their work.

Success for Linda is about providing the best selection of quality articles within the given limits.

"I always feel a sense of achievement when each issue is compiled and published on time or when we receive praise or when any individual issue the right mix of news, theory and dialogue," she says.

"It's about providing a valued and relevant service as well as being an active participant and protagonist in the new media arts field.



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