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fineArt in Motion screens @ Substation Singapore
Michelle Chang & Justin Cheong interview Nisar Keshvani …
20 June 2002

Passion: What does the screening program hope to achieve (objectives?)

Nisar Keshvani: Very briefly, the one-hour program showcases 14 works from film-makers around the world. It's been shown in places like America, Manila, Thailand, Hong Kong, and in the UK. It premiered in Australia and Manila last year, and is now showing in Singapore, before moving to Adelaide, Malaysia and probably Japan later this year. The idea is to show the works of young and emerging film makers - basically artists who haven't been exposed internationally. It's also an effort on my part to show that there is good (maybe raw) works coming from South-east Asia, and there is great work produced everywhere daily.

Passion: Who are the Singaporean film-makers? Describe them briefly.

Keshvani: Well, there are 6 local works.

  • Derman - is an amusing animation about this little blue guy who discovers whats behind the door
  • Against the Tide - is got an environmental message - its about the sea turtle and their possible extinction
  • Microwave by Tan Pin Pin, is an interesting statement on feminity and how a Barbie doll is fried
  • Sanctuary - is interestingly experimental. It peeks into our existence, and has very nice imagery
  • The Adevnture of Cepe - is something for youngsters, about a super hero dog - Cepe, who saves Singapore from an evil menace
  • The last one, Wishing Tree is unique - it's a love story hidden behind Hong Kong style animation

Passion: How will the program help film makers and their work?

Keshvani: Well - its an effort to put Singapore on the world media art or film map. Normally film makers have to enter different festivals individually, and go through a selection process again and again. But here, they are selected once and in one hit, they are exposed to various other festivals. Their work is also shown to audiences, which they normally wouldn't have access to. Because some of the directors are new to the field - it also gives them an opportunity, and a kick start to the world of festivals. And this is basically a chance to tap fineArt forum's existing network.



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