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Celebrating Libraries: Knowledge, Imagination, Possibility
National Library of Singapore
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1. What do you like about the Library?

To me, the library equals tranquility and knowledge. I have been visiting libraries across the world, since I was seven years old. Over the years, it’s the library where I learnt and gathered most of my knowledge – and every visit leaves me wanting to come back for more information. Everytime I step out, energised and invigorated into the world, I apply my new-found knowledge.
2. The impact of the Library on you? Any tangible benefits?

In today’s world of high-technology information systems, most often than not, we tend to overlook the two core components of the library – knowledge (in any media or format) and the people. We may have progressed from “cue-cards” to online-based OPAC cataloguing system, but the feeling one gets from flipping a page off a freshly-printed book is the same.

For me, the Ngee Ann Polytechnic library and its librarian, Lim Bee Ang has special meaning. During my time lecturing at the School of Film and Media Studies, it was her team and her, who assisted me with building resources for my unit, Web Design Applications. It was through this interaction, that many ideas unfolded. We compiled resources for students to use at the Library, and began archiving student works and projects for future reference.

It was this same collaboration that has resulted in contributing to the international community. As part of my work as editor-in-chief of the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, three years ago, the team brainstormed the idea of setting up an abstracts index for theses and dissertations in the art, science and technology field. The idea was simple - to have a searchable index of all existing and new theses. All abstracts added to the database would be reviewed by an experts panel. In the ideas stage, it was Bee Ang, who helped with identifying the key indexing components.

Today the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS) index is available in English and Spanish, and hopefully in other languages soon. LABS is a comprehensive database of abstracts of Ph.d, Masters and MFA theses in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology.

3. In one sentence how would you sum up your experience/s in the Library?

Tranquility and knowledge – the library is the place to be!
About Celebrating Libraries - "Knowledge, Imagination, Possibility”
Celebrating the theme of “Bringing Knowledge Alive, Sparking Imagination, and Creating Possibility”, the National Library Board (NLB) launched a commemorative book, Celebrating Libraries, on 25 October 2006.

The book is the result of a four-month long campaign in which more than 4 000 Singaporeans shared the impact the library has made on their lives. Stories collected were then short-listed before being compiled into an anthology that is the first of its kind in Singapore. The book began selling at The Library Shop, National Library Building, on 1 November 2006 at SGD$35.


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