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Nisar Keshvani (CCC)


Uma Koranmath (AA, CCC)







Nisar is a very sincere and efficient G902 Professional Profiling co-ordinator. I took on the role of a PP advisor for the first time that too last minute. Nisar extended all the required support and guidance to me and got me over the initial hiccups. He has been in touch with all PP advisors through his regular e-mails which come at the right time in forms of encouragement for the accomplishments, reminders of the deadlines, guidance for the next course of action etc.

What I found amazing about Nisar was the speed with which he is able to respond, acting as PP helpdesk. I got his suggestions/advice within seconds after sending my queries - be it during working hours or otherwise. This only showcases his commitment and dedication to his work. This high level of involvement came as a surprise and inspiration to me. 

All the best, Nisar :)

The RP Compliments Scheme is designed for staff to recognise quality service received from fellow staff.

G902 Professional Profiling (PP) is a component of the Industrial Orientation Programme (IOP); it is a compulsory module where students will profile a subject/topic. The subject or topic should discuss aspects of a company, a business, technology, industry sector, a strategic issue/problem, case study, or an area of a fundamental, industrial or an applied nature. Student is expected to be able to diligently research, critically analyse and creatively reflect on the factors and dynamics that drive the chosen profiled subject/topic using analytical tools or theories that are known or explored. The programme aims to develop students’ personal development skills, career enrichment skills and discernment skills with appropriate level of engagement with industry or professionals. To pass this module, students will have to submit a final report and give a presentation on their findings in front of a panel of assessors.


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