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Nisar Keshvani
Republic Polytechnic - WoW! Award
March 2008

When a colleague began maternity leave due to the early arrival of her baby and was unable to effect a proper handover of duties, Nisar remained unflappable and accepted responsibility for managing Creative Engagement (CE) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) initiatives from Centre for Culture and Communications (CCC). Together with CCC's Faith Ong and Cedric Tan, Nisar has kept CE and CET output chugging along smoothly.
The RP WoW! Award is a monthly employee recognition and award programme - to recognise staff members who either demonstrate exemplary work attitude or organisational commitment, undertake responsibilities beyond their normal scope of work or for outstanding work performance. This programme aims to enable Heads of Departments (HoDs) to meaningfully reward and recognise employees who make a difference at RP.

Staff members may be nominated for the WoW! Award if they meet the following criteria:

  • going the extra mile in the course of duties i.e. making a special effort towards projects and assignments.
  • carrying out responsibilities beyond the his/her normal call of duties.
  • the behaviour demonstrated by the staff member must reflect RP's value system and must not be inconsistent with RP’s core values.
  • other outstanding contribution towards RP.


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