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Web Design Applications
Student feedback : Jul - Oct 2002
Dear Nisar (positive comments):    
“I'd just like to say i really enjoyed your lessons and that you have contributed, in the most colossal of ways, to my newfound interest and skills in web or anything technical. I can actually turn on the computer without first conducting a blessing ceremony. (",)
I maintain that Dreamweaver rocks....” – Vanessa Yeo
“Its incredible how a lecturer can make a technically-inclined module interesting ... I am surprised by how my learning has been made effective by the way you teach and to me that was interesting” – Benedict David

“ps: i'm still wondering how a person like me (yes I failed web graphics and design in year 1), can have his work requested to be published online by a lecturer ... *shakes head dumbfoundedly*. And i really used to hate web design i tell ya ... ”
“I just want you to know that there are people who appreciate the things you do. I can see you are putting in a lot of effort into this module.” – Mong Xin
“WDA has been enriching. Who can forget when you sit beside us and prompt us till we get solutions? I WON’T”
David Pillai
“A lot of teachers say that they would like to learn from us, but a lot of them don’t mean it, so I really appreciated it when you showed the Anna Sui website (Ed: my favourite website in class)” – Germaine Lim
Click here to read:‘Web Design Applications: Student Oriented Learning for Online’
Teaching & Learning Forum (October 2002); Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Dear Nisar (negative comments):

“I guess not everyone will be able to adapt to the way you teach each student as in I can’t learn anything if you keep shooting me back with questions, every time I ask you one …

You cant just stick to one kind of teaching method, because everyone is different, they are not standardised yeah.”
Anonymous A

“Maybe you can try using more creative approaches to teach. More activities to stimulate interests and motivate …

Not many people like web stuff – I just don’t have the interest and talent. Maybe 5 years or even one year down the road, I will forget all I have learnt. But at least I can boast I’ve set up websites before …” – Anonymous B

“Sometimes you are rather impatient and expect as if all students know everything. That is when I feel intimidated about WDA seeing some web savvy students know their way around. Somehow there are those who refuse to help.”
– Anonymous C


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