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Two weeks of glorious fun
Banned film grabs Best Director Award
The Sun, Friday 6 May 1994
The Singapore Short Film competition had a total of 25 entries. Eric Khoo's entry entitled 'Pain' was banned due to its masochistic realism.

Ironically, Khoo was awarded the Best Director for 'Pain', a stark and surreal potrayal of one man's preoccupation and obsession with inflicting pain. To top that, he was also given the Special Achievement Prize. Not a bad effort at all for a work not seen by the public, except perhaps the jury.

The Special Jury Prize was awarded to two entries. One was Dzulkifli Sungit, who directed 'Eddy', a short film about parental pressures on a child to become successful.

"'Hurt Instinct' -- a profound and provocative depiction of
the demands of urban lives."

The other winner was Nisar and Nazir Husain, for 'Hurt Instinct', a profound and provocative depiction of the demands of urban lives. It was great to see works of young adolescent directors who might later in life become famous directors themselves.

The Best Singapore Short Film category had two winners. It was awarded to 'Ethos' (directed by Dominic Christopher Pereira) and 'Married' (directed by Chia Chee Kwong).

The short film entries were in general a refreshing experience. I particularly enjoyed 'Married' for its thematic relevance and humour.

It was a delightful experience watching the short films as they were indeed a breeze.



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