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My Police Academy: 1929 - 2005 (12 mins)


During its 76-year history, the Police Academy has seen thousands of officers pass through its gates. The times, uniforms, skills, training and people have changed but the Police Academy at Thomson Road, as a training ground remained the same

"My Police Academy: 1929 – 2005" is a 12-minute video tribute. The montage sequences are peppered with legendary police officers like DAC Ang Hak Seng, DAC Loy Chye Meng, ASP (Retd) Stephen Koh, ASP (Retd) C V Gabriel, INSP (NS) Dominic Chan Jin Hou, INSP (NS) Lawrence Yap, INSP (NS) Tan Siang Meng, SI George Pillay, SSSgt (Retd) Rengasamy Muthuveran, SSSgt (Retd) Madavy Nair, T/Sgt's Desmond Liang Chew Wei Bin, Choy Wei Hao, Fadhli Fadzli, and TS/Cpl Jayaganesh.

From shooting, fitness, classroom to the morning parade call, it captures the everyday life of a trainee. Police officers reminisce trainee life in the 60s, describe changes in training philosophy, and recount romance and friendship in the Academy's rustic environment.

By Effandi Mohamed, Ho Ser Ching and Nisar Keshvani

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