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More than just words (1 min 26 sec)
Police Life 21st Anniversary Promo Clip - Synopsis


Purpose and audience
A short promo to launch the Police Life Monthly's (PLM) 21st Anniversary Dinner on 28 September 1997. Guests at the function include writers, photographers, contributors, sponsors and editors.


The promo presents the PLM team in action producing the August 1997 issue. The video emphasises the "behind-the-scenes" production interspersed with background images of Police Force events, superimposed with cover images of yesteryear.

Starting off soft and slow, the paces keeps increases, until it climaxes with a sudden stop - a freeze frame of the team in movement. An old version of "Words" performed by Bee Gees change and transcends to "Picture of You" by BoyZone to mark the development of Police Life and ends with the modern-day version of "Words" by BoyZone.

The concept highlights - the different faces, different places, different times, but seen through the eyes of the same publication - Police Life Monthly - seen through words and pictures. "Picture of You" shows PLM from its initial text, black and white on simple paper, to today's high-quality color, photograph-heavy laid out with computers. A montage of fast-moving images with various covers, different logo designs, photographs, and significant headlines are seen throughout the video.

View the trailer (3.1MB) MP3 format

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