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Changi Prison - A quick guide to the prisons
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Singapore's penal institutions are classified into maximum, medium and minimum security prisons depending on the physical structure of the institutions and the categories of prisoners accommodated within.

Maximum Security Prisons
Queenstown Remand Prison is a remand, reception and allocation centre for adult male offenders. It also houses short-term prisoners.

Changi Prison houses long-term prisoners including condemned prisoners, preventive trainees and adult male offenders sentenced to more than five years' imprisonment.

This newly built prison, Tanah Merah Prison is equipped with advanced security features and communications equipment. Inaugurated in late 1993, it houses Criminal Law detainees (CLDs), corrective trainees, and drug traffickers sentenced to more than five years' imprisonment.

Another new facility, Changi Women's Prison commenced operations in early 1994. It houses all categories of female adult penal offenders.

Medium Security Institutions
Moon Crescent Prison houses short-term and some long-term prisoners. The long-term prisoners are those who have been transferred from the maximum security prisons to serve the tail-end of their sentences as a way of preparing them for their imminent return to society.

Tampines Prison houses short-term and long-term prisoners of medium security rating.

Abingdon Prison houses illegal immigrants and short-term prisoners.

Bedok Reformative Training Centre houses young offenders between the ages of 16 and 21 years who have been sentenced to reformative training.

Minimum Security Institutions
Abingdon Work Release Camp houses prisoners on the Work Release Scheme. This scheme allows prisoners to leave the camp for work during the day and return to camp in the evening after work, enabling them to reintegrate gradually into society.

Seletar Work Release Camp houses Criminal Law detainees selected to undergo the 1-year Work Release Scheme.

Mission and Operation Philosophy
The Prisons Service is guided by its mission and by the four limbs of its Operation Philosophy:

To protect society by ensuring the secure custody of offenders in a humane environment, and to facilitate their return to society as law-abiding citizens by providing rehabilitative opportunities.

  • Prisons and Drug Rehabilitation Centres are not holiday resorts ... conditions shall be spartan but not an affront to human dignity.
  • Prisoners are here with us as punishment but not for punishment.
  • Drug inmates are here with us, not as punishment but for treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Every inmate will be given opportunities to change, but more effort will be accorded to thosegenuinely desirous of changing.
  • To discover more about the Prisons service and its history, surf

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