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Profile: Grace Tan
Political Science, University of Queensland

Grace Tan is a journalist with a background in broadcast journalism. She is just unshackled from the chains of academia, coming away with a spanking new Masters degree in political science. Inflicted with as severe case of wanderlust, Grace is praying for the day she gets her own travel show, where she can run away to new cultures, write and most of all, get paid handsomely for it!.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Queensland, Australia?
It is the state university so the infrastructure and student support is well established. But it’s really the programme which I’m enrolled in which attracted me to the place. It’s got a good Government department.

What is your Masters research about?
Sino-American relations and how Taiwanese sovereignty is subjugated by ties between these two powers.

Did you experience culture shock?
There’s an element of diversity in every new environment. It wasn’t a culture shock at all. Rather it was adapting to a new way of living, a different lifestyle with relating to lots of very wonderful new people.

How have you adapted to the Australian environment?
Short of not speaking with an Aussie twang, I think I’m doing quite well, actually! But I’ve always had wanderlust. I love meeting people and I adapt to new environments with relish. Too much sometimes, I suspect.

Tell us what you do workwise?
I contribute in an editorial team at an online business portal called It has a weekly magazine which I write and sub-edit for! Very cool stuff.

Can you share how it is different working in an overseas environment?

The contrasts are certainly there. It’s a more liberal culture over here where thought is not subverted and creativity encouraged. Readers value and expect diversity in perspectives. As a journalist and a human being, it’s thoroughly exhilarating!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of pursuing his/her studies or working in Australia?

Don’t stand on the edge of the ocean when you can plunge in and experience the depth of its magnificence.

Any final words of wisdom?
When you’re in a new country, soak yourself in that culture. See it for what it really is. If you’re constantly thinking of how things are different from back home, and they’re not the way they ‘should be’ then please, do yourself a favour and stay home. But regardless of the destination, it’s always good to savour different worlds. Plus can you imagine how much yummy cuisine there is to satiate the palate?!

Thank you, Grace


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