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The Leonardo Educators Initiative
Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol 11 Issue 10 October 2004

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

Fourteen months ago, Leonardo/ISAST announced the Leonardo Educators Initiative [1] – a multi-faceted programme to reach out to the academic community. It includes:

* The Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS) [2] – a comprehensive database of Ph.D., Masters and MFA thesis abstracts in the emerging intersection between art, science and technology. It is designed to give young scholars an opportunity to contribute to the existing body of knowledge, keep abreast of new developments, allow established artists/academics to access upcoming work, use LEA as a resource and create an opportunity for dialogue amongst individuals with similar interests.

* The Leonardo International Academic Community [3] – a mailing list to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas (to join email with a brief introduction) amongst leaders and thinkers in academia. Academics also receive the Leonardo International Faculty Alerts – announcing job and other opportunities in the field.

* A free subscription to the Leonardo Electronic Almanac email digest for faculty and students:

When first introduced in August 2003, LABS was a rudimentary system. Scholars would email LEA with their abstracts and we occasionally published them. Today, almost a year later, we launch a web-based submission and searching system spearheaded by Professor Sheila Pinkel from Pomona College.

A call for submissions was announced in June this year and within three months, LABS received 20-odd abstracts. These abstracts were peer reviewed by our 2004/2005 panel consisting of Pau Alsina, Jody Berland, Sean Cubitt, Frieder Nake, Stephen Petersen and chaired by Professor Pinkel. In this issue, we are proud to publish the shortlisted, peer-reviewed theses abstracts by Peter Anders, Elisa Giaccardi, Fatima Lasay and Maureen A. Nappi.

LABS is now seeking abstracts for its next publication cycle. Deadline for inclusion is: 10 November 2004. For information and to submit abstract:

Interestingly, this month’s feature "Art by Telephone: From Static to Mobile Interfaces," is written by Adriana de Souza e Silva who holds the honour of being the pioneer author announced in LABS last year [1].

Her piece discusses the evolution of artworks using telephones, bringing her focus especially to contemporary works using mobile phone technology. Her investigation explores the ramifications of such technology on our notions of space, time and social interaction and the interface between physical and digital spaces.

In Leonardo Reviews, we look a small but rich sampling of the stunning diversity of topics being discussed by the review panel: here we include reviews of a conference on Indian artist Sardari Lal Parasher, a conference on art, science and spirituality, and a documentary film about U.S. activist/author Howard Zinn.

We sincerely hope the Leonardo Educators Initiative [1] continues to meets a need and hope to hear your comments and feedback.


1. Keshvani, Nisar. "Leonardo Educators Initiative,” Leonardo Electronic Almanac 11, No. 8 (2003) <>.

2. Leonardo Abstracts Service available online at:

3. Leonardo International Academic Community available online at:


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