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OzCo grant for fAf
fineArt forum, vol. 14, no. 4, april 2000

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

March was a relatively frantic month here at fAf's homebase. Staffers have been busy getting back into the swing of academia life while working on making changes to our site.

Meanwhile some good news - fAf has been awarded a grant from the Australia Council ( Gracias!

What this means is that we will be able to provide our readers with better content. We will be commissioning a series of feature articles and curating 3 online exhibitions for the year. Definitely some good things to look forward to. If anyone is interested, please let us know. Calls for participation will be sent out soon.

In this edition, we have Paul Brown's piece - 'Beyond Art'. Interestingly, it was written in 1990, and having just hit the millennium, it is timely to revisit the final decade of the 20th century to see how his predictions went.

And we welcome our first gallery for 2000 curated by fAf's Bec Nissen and Bree Chesher called 'Syntax: new works/young artists'. Syntax showcases works that explore and expand the nature of human-computer relationships featuring works by Melinda Rackham and Freya Pinney.

Also, check out our book reviews of 'Floating Lives', 'Surfing through Hyperspace' and more... Better yet, sense the vibrancy of the latest in dot.comm arena through, fAf correspondent, Jason Chua's report of the 'Internet World Asia Conference' held in Singapore last month.



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