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Cross-border issue
volume 14 : issue 7 : july 2000

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

True to the nature of the Web, this issue of fineArt forum is unique as it was produced across physical boundaries.

As I was travelling and presenting at the Asian Studies Association of Australia Inc's (ASAA), 13th Biennial and the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association 2000 conferences, bits of the zine were gathered in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The term break saw some of our staff travelling and editing from Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore. Our production team then diligently put it to bed from Brisbane.

Special thanks to an long-time buddy from my Singapore Police days, artist Sazali Othman of Flinders University and the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF) for net access and kind use of their computers in Adelaide. Gracias!

Travel always brings forth exciting sights, and an opportunity to have a taste of the vibrance within another community. I was fortunate enough to visit various galleries, arts organisations and meet with friends of fAf from across all boards. The 12th Biennale of Sydney held at the Museum of Contemporary Art and ArtSpace was indeed refreshing. Other events included Experimenta's launch of 'Orbital' and EAF's launch of James Angus' exhibition. Nothing beats or inspires more than moving from the digital realm of emails, ICQ and the Net to in-person 'flesh' conversations.

By refreshing ties with various organisations, fAf aims to provide better coverage of art and technology events within Australia, for your benefit.

This month, we welcome to the fAf team: Beth Rainbow, Tanya Shepherd, Lauren Roe and Felicity Carpenter. Holly Robertson, our former Stuff Editor, has extended her stay by taking on the Asst. Content Manager's role. We bid farewell to Ladan Wise, Clairie Seet, Gillian O'Connor, Tan Yew Ling and thank them for their valuable contribution to our zine. We wish them best of luck.

This issue, we feature Mark Amerika's observations on Web-Art-Writing, reviews of Australia Internet World 2K conference and 'Glossy', by Ladan Wise and Clairie Seet respectively. Tan Yew Ling, provides a taste of activity in SIngapore with her review of the Electronic Music Lab's 'Zerotoblur' and 'Tri Arts "TRUE DEEP BLUE" featured in the Singapore Arts Festival.

We hope you enjoy this cross-border issue.


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