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Olympic glory
volume 14 : issue 10 : october 2000

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

It's strange how we sometimes come a full circle.

My last go at sports writing was at the 1993 South-East-Asian Games in Singapore, for a local daily. I never imagined I'd be here in Australia, covering hockey for the Olympic News Service, seven years later.

As I file this month's editorial from Sydney Olympic's Hockey Centre, I can't help but marvel at technology's impact on the Games. The Astroturf hockey pitch here is a world first - made of water based synthetic material invented in Australia. Sophisticated equipment was set up to ensure full coverage of the sporting action - a record 140 billion global audience watched the excitement.

As we progress into an ever-present virtual world, let's remember the importance of the human spirit. Each sport saw individual sportspeople turn events around through sheer willpower and skill. Spectator support was amazing as they spurred their teams on.

When I asked Wang Jiuyan how she felt on the Chinese women's team first appearance in Olympic hockey she said, "There is nothing to be nervous about, we have the support of 1.3 billion people back home."

It's evident that without sophisticated television equipment, sporting images may not have reached the Chinese airwaves instantaneously. World-class hockey standards may not be met without the artificial pitch. However, if you remove the layers of sophistication, its the human touch that remains triumphant.

Here at fineArt forum, despite being a virtual publication, we believe in this philosophy. We continuously strive to improve coverage and meet our readers' needs. We've set up an online survey at: or click our image of the month to hear your honest feedback.

Highlights of our October bumper issue include an exclusive exhibition; 'Festivals World Tour'. Rebecca Nissen and Bree Chesher present a collection of the most innovative new media festivals and exhibitions around the world including stopovers at the ISEA, SIGGRAPH, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival and the Sonar Festival in Spain. These festivals light the way for cutting edge artistic endeavour.

Have a read of Bernard Cohen's piece on Incubation, Joseph Nechvatal on Art and Technology - A new Unity: The Bauhaus 1923 - 1932, reviews of Days of Java Moon by Mez Breeze, the Line website by Tanya Shepherd, Banff's Curatorial Summit by Jenny Fraser, The Digital Dialect by Beth Rainbow, Carrier [website] by NiKee Seah, and Dream Kitchen reviewed by Ben Spooner.

As we bask in Olympic glory, here's to the world's sportspeople on a job well done. With or without an Olympic Gold, we'll be applauding their achievements for the next four years and time to come.


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