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Are you a palm piloteer?
volume 14 : issue 11 : november 2000
Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

Are you a palm piloteer? Yes >> No ??

Well I am, and I live by my lean mean PDA and think its a gift from above. In my ever failing attempt to keep abreast of bustling activity that seems to occur around me - its proven to be a handy machine. From precious numbers, passwords, contacts, email addresses, to appointments - its all in that single machine. Woe be the day if my precious ancillary should go missing.

The ubiquitous nature of technology has seen contemporary artists developing narratives, installations and artwork based on this trend. And a new breed of media artists have emerged- brilliant minds who conjure artwork using digital technology. They've created a new genre, moving far ahead of the flocks who scan in photos or canvas, slap it online and claim it as digital art.

UK artist Tom Kemp is amongst them and has shown there's more to the palm than appointment keeping. He's created a huge new work of art with a Palm Vx. It is a staggering 4 feet by 17 feet and consists of one thousand tiny paintings made using the TealPaint application. Called 'Analysis', each has its place in a huge grid, printed on canvas. Each of the small paintings is the size of the Palm's screen, about two and a half inches square which are all different but share a common theme. (

Our November edition presents an exclusive fAf solo exhibition by Indigenous artist Jason Davidson, from Darwin Australia, 'belonging' - photographically documents significant places in the lands of his people: Kalkaringi and Ngukurr. Have a read of Malaysian Niranjan Rajah's commentary on digital art from the developing world and the electronic art mainstream. Niranjan shares his experiences and discusses electronic art in Southeast Asia.

Marin Lengauer tells us about WorldInformation.Org, Eryk Salvaggio discusses Zen and the art of American Standard Code for Information Interchange and Paul Brown reviews the 'Incubation - Writing and the Internet' conference.

Enjoy reviews of 'The Bridge Construction in Process VI' by Bec Nissen, 'Graphic Language of Neville Brody' and 'Silicon Second Nature' by Donna Sanidad, 'Snap to Grid - a user's guide to digital arts, media and cultures' by Ben Spooner, and my review of 'The Internet: a Writer's Guide'.

Enjoy! And for me, its back to palm overdrive.

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