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Kia Ora
volume 14 : issue 12 : december 2000

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

Indulge me for a moment, please.

Kia Ora (Maori for welcome).

I've just returned from New Zealand and I'm still recovering from a head rush. No, its nothing to do with the 134m bungy jump from a cliff or 9000ft skydive to mark my 25th.

While there, I immersed myself in Kiwi activities - went for a Maori performance, tried 'hangi' (traditional meal) in a Marae (meeting house) and checked out the local arts scene. It was truly amazing.

It was not so much the unreal scenery, the friendly people, or adventure activities that hit me. More so, it was their culture, and how it exuded itself wherever I went. In Wellington, I visited the Te Papa and the virtual exhibition 'Time Warp' was excellent. Two high tech motion simulations 'Blastback' (jolts you back millions of years to witness formation of land) and 'Futurerush' (Wellington in 2055) are part of 'Time Warp'.

The Te Papa is said to be five years ahead of its time and I could see why. It has five floors of technology synergised with art, and rightly claims 'Where there are people, there is art'. More info: (

I'm still wondering why I'm stumped. Maybe you have an answer?

But I reckon in this fast paced world, everything can become cold and unfeeling. In our technological excitement, we sometimes overlook our roots. Maybe it's time, we start injecting more culture and heritage in upcoming projects to give our work a human touch? So why not join me in the journey to rediscover heritage and culture? I know that's going to be my resolution for 2001.

Back to the world of fAf, more excitement! Some of you may be aware, we have had minor complications with our majordomo, and thanks to Daniel Heinonen you can now subscribe to our digest, online at: http://www.fineartforum. org/aboutus/subscrip.html

So spread the word. As always we welcome any feedback, feel free to tell us what you think.

In this edition you'll find Benjamin Spooner's feature on e-books particularly thought provoking. Marianne Kopf tells us about the project, Canadian Jennifer Leonard interviews Atau Anaka at DEAF 00, Molly Hankwitz profiles web artist Young-hae Chang and Mez Breeze reviews the Hyperspace website.

Enjoy reviews of 'Technology in Action' by Donna Sanidad, Casula Powerhouse's 'Animation Playground' exhibition by Felicity Carpenter, 'Arts Sector Forum' conference by Beth Rainbow, web reviews of 'Personal Eugenics' by Ni Kee Seah and 'Praystation' by Donna Sanidad.

Have a Merry X'mas with an extra dose of culture, perhaps?


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