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New 2001 staff
volume 15 : issue 02 : february 2001
Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

It's that time of the year again, when we welcome new staff to the fAf team, and thank the veterans for their dedicated work.

We welcome aboard Sally Draper, Fabia Sugandy, Kieun Lee, Maree Kimberley, Jane Elleyre, Tianji Dickens, Helen Emerson, and Catherine Gould.

In this month's edition, enjoy Fatima Lasay's feature Retrospective of Digital Art, read Sue Gollifer's review of ISEA 2000, Mez Breeze's website review of Conclave Obscvrvm/Cmart Dark Room, Deni Stoner on 'Warped Space - Art, Architecture and Anxiety in Modern Culture' and Felicity Carpenter on '010101: Art in Technological Times'

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