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Fields of Electronic Desire
volume 15 : issue 04 : april 2001

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

"What is real? What is false?"

- questions Kong Kam Yoke in fAf's exclusive 14th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) edition ( This year's festival is themed: "Stranger than Fiction - The Documentary Film".

Kam Yoke explains: "... wars, genocides and other crimes against humanity are committed on a daily basis ... Indeed, reality has to begin, so that we can start accepting the world for what it is, and take the right action. It is crucial and urgent that reality no longer stays stranger than fiction."

In her overview, she provides a reality check focused on documentaries from the world over - 'Land of Wandering Souls' (Cambodia), 'Mr Death' (USA), and 'The Gleaners & I' (France). (Video clips @ ilmfest)

This reality is by no means far-fetched. Timely as it may seem, a friend related how she played a behind-the-scenes video called: "Love Turkey" (http://www.highpoi at a gathering.

It depicts how a church group sends funds and relief to build a help centre after Turkey's '99 earthquake. Peppered with shots of tearing adults, catastrophe, and smiling children, her friends found it difficult to accept it. They began questioning the video's authenticity, and if this was really the truth. A case of media desensitization - who knows?

Back to art, our April feature catalogues SIFF's installation: 'Fields of Electronic Desire'. Inspired by the noted French postmodern philosopher Jean Baudrillard who said "Today, we live in the imaginary world of the screen ... We too have become screens, and the interactivity of men has become the interactivity of screens".

It is an exploration of the possibilities of the digital and electronic media by a group of Singapore-based artists whose imagination extend beyond the usual concepts of film and video, and of paint and canvas.

This month's bumper issue carries Fatima Lasay's 'Geo|centr|e|i|city - The Earth as Center'. She launches her exhibition, in fAf's Gallery next month.

Mez Breeze looks at [website] while Beth reviews 'Web Style Guide'. Joseph Nechvatal enlightens us on 'Computer Virus Project 2.0', Lasay on 'Gimokud - An Internet Soul Project' and Dean Bruton provides a first hand report of 'The Australian Effects and Animation Festival' from Sydney.

Enjoy ...


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