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fAf 2001 facelift
Vol 15 Issue 07 July 2001

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

'tis the month of changes - firstly, we launch our annual 'facelift'.

Our 2001 redesign was developed by talented designers Jane Ellery & Tianji Dickens with support from our tech man - Daniel Heinonen. Besides a new feel, we hope you appreciate our fresh navigation and are as proud of our new site, as we are.

"Our redesign maintains fAf's high profile image in the art & technology community, by using innovative, artistic, deliberate and easy to navigate interface design. We wanted to breakdown the spacial and physical barriers that fAf's online presence represents, through the use of colour and easy navigation elements, without intruding its rich content," said Ellery & Dickens.

fAf's back issues remain archived online, and we begin resurrecting our resources section in phases - so send along websites of interest & your latest works.

In fAftown, our sections have changed hands - we bid farewell to Ni Kee Seah, Beth Rainbow, Jane Ellery, Damon McBride, Wendy Sykes, Catherine Gould and Robyn Gerard and thank them for their diligence.

From July, we welcome on board Shu-Min Heng, Scott Esdaile, Elizabeth Amon, Glen Wetherall, Gavin Thiesfeld, Evan Dean and Ruth Bond. Our new team will continue striving to meet your needs.

In this edition, check out our feature by Korean Young-Hae's essay: 'New Media Art and Ethics in South Korea'.

Other reviews by Singaporean Tristan Chan, 'The Dearth of Local Performing Arts', Creative Disturbance Mark Beam's, 'Emergency Languaging', Gary Bolles' 'The Moebius Chain', Linda Carroli's review of 'Parallax', and Joseph Nechvatal preview of the '2001 Biennale de Lyon : Connivence'.


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