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Welcome aboard ISEA
Vol 15 Issue 09 September 2001
Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

Welcome aboard ISEA!

From this issue, fAf is delighted to deliver all ISEA members our digest via email. It landmarks a partnership with one of the world's most established electronic arts organisations.

The last two years have been particularly exciting at fAftown, we've grown from strength to strength. fAf has rekindled and forged new partnerships with various organisations, we've redesigned our site and improved our coverage of global activities, thanks to dedicated staff and readers goodwill.

Most importantly, with support from the Australia Council for the Arts & Queensland University of Technology, we've commissioned a series of international articles and exhibitions. It is amazing how a spark of an idea dominoes into a new development, and how forthcoming people can be (especially since we *are* strangers on the Net).

More good stuff will roll, I'm sure ... so watch this space ;)

In this edition, we feature McKenzie Wark's 'Index to This Fabulous World' - texts relate to his online essay, Hacker Manifesto 2.0. Mark Beam's 'The Art of Implication' discusses the non-verbal meanings inspired by work in online communities and how they affect the physical realm.

Garry Bolles in 'Historic Collaboration' delivers insight on technology development and Anne Walton's 'Word's out on: Woomera' examines visas. Faye Shen reviews the LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts' 'aseanARToday' exhibition, Elizabeth Amon looks at 'Conexion Remota' by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana featuring at Barcelona's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Glen Wetherall critiques Stephen Barron's cdrom, 'Art PlanÈtaire' and Sally Walker examines the inaugural 'Game Studies - the international journal of computer game research'.

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