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MAAP, DMF and fineArt in motion
Vol 15 Issue 10 October 2001

Editorial: Nisar Keshvani

The Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) Festival, Digital Media Festival (DMF), & the fAf Screening Program - what do they have in common?

All three play an important role showcasing art, and technological works in this young and growing field.

The three programs launch this October. Themed as Excess, MAAP presents works of Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries (Webby Award Winner), and Mez Breeze (Java Artist winner), both recently honored for their amazing achievements. Manila-based DMF showcases artists including Andrea Polli, Aleksandra Globokar,Takahiko Iimura, Ivor Diosi and Joesér Alvarez.

And the fAf Screening Program (to co-launch at MAAP & DMF) features works by young Irina Goundortseva, Raewyn Turner, Tan Pin Pin, Charlene Shih and more.

In celebration of fAf's 15th birthday in 2002, this curated travelling program showcases young and emerging artists from across the world. Kicking off this October, the program is set to travel to various global festivals and closes in Singapore next year. (Watch this space for more details ...)

Often, when honoring our artists, we overlook the dedication, time and resources organisers and individuals sacrifice to materialise such events. Kim Machan and Fatima Lasay are two such stalwarts. There are of course, many unseen others, whose tireless energy and untiring efforts have been making it happen. Let us salute them all - for one cannot exist without the other.

See you @ DMF from 1-14 Oct & MAAP on 13 - 14 Oct.

In this edition, Chinese artist Wang Peng unveils 'Everybody's Desktop', in MAAP's Missile Launch, and fAf's Gallery. Says Wang: "Everybodys Desktop is part of your everyday life and represents how you spend your life, which tools you work with, etc. Every single desktop image is different from another, just like peoples faces."

In our reviews section, Ben Spooner previews highlights of MAAP 01, Faye Shen tells us about 'Women Beyond Borders', Sha Xin Wei discusses 'Speechpainting', Glen Thiesfield reports on 'Strange and Charmed', Evan Dean reviews 'Kentaphion' and eyebeam's 'Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network' is reviewed by Linda Carroli.


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