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  What it means to be a Singaporean - A personal viewpoint  
  Magnificent Obessions: fAf_15 Commemorative CDROM  
  Queenslanders are still okay, mate!  
  ... Security: a student's perspective  
  Personally Speaking: Launch of Police Life Redesign 1997  
  Editor's Reflections  
  The Leonardo Educators Initiative  
  fAf - LEA Alliance  
  Here today, gone tomorrow  
  MAAP, DMF and fineArt in motion  
  Welcome aboard, ISEA  
  fAf 2001 facelift  
  How do we burrow through these Internet walls?  
  Geo|centr|e|i|city - The Earth as Center  
  Fields of Electronic Desire  
  Shed a tear ...  
  New 2001 staff ...  
  Happy 10th birthday, LMJ!  
  Kia Ora  
  Are you a palm piloteer?  
  Olympic glory  
  See, Seek, Speak  
  Being myself  
  Cross-border issue  
  International Masterclass for New Media Artists & Curators  
  Change - fAf turns 14  
  OzCo grant for fAf  
  Art versus economics  
  800-pound AOL gorilla  

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