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... Security: a student's perspective

A touch of fear strikes me each time I see someone in uniform - it could be a police officer, marine or even QUT security officer. Don't ask me why; perhaps it is the stern image they portray or the gruesome images we see on television, but an experience right here at QUT has changed that.

During Swotvac, I was at university on a Sunday trying to study for an exam. The library was closing soon so I headed to the G-H Block Link and found a quiet spot, complete with a table.

A few minutes later, a security officer arrived and told me politely that it was time to lock up the building.

I asked her if she knew another quiet place where I could resume my revisions. After a short chat, she told me about a secluded computer lab in another building. I went for an hour or so and when it started to get cold, I realised I had left my jumper in G Block.

I decided to take a short break and walk and coincidentally, I bumped into the security officer again. She asked if I had found the lab. In turn, I asked her if G Block would be open the next day (so I could retrieve my jumper).

She kindly let me into the building as I did not have swipe-card access. Without hesitation, she also said: "Give me a few minutes, I'll pick up your jumper for you."

I was touched by her friendly nature, helpful attitude and the pride she had for her work. I asked her about her job.

"One thing I don't understand ais why international students are afraid of us," she said.

Perhaps it could be our upbringing or the image of authority a uniform displays.

But, one thing is for sure, this is one student who no longer fears them.

A letter from Nisar Keshvani,
a journalism student from Singapore.


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