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The very best police magazine in publication
Police Life Monthly - January 1997

It was twenty years ago that Police Monthly (PLM) was first published. We have come a long way since then.

Our current concern is to steer PLM in a different direction. This year our readers will see a new face to Police Life. Our new concept is that of a police magazine with a human touch. Besides a new cover design we will introduce new columns to raise the SPF’s official voice to new heights.

From this issue, we highlight the operations and workings of foreign police forces. So our readers will enjoy an international update on our counterparts.

The Training Department will bring you tips on practicing better policing procedures and empowerment techniques. To keep you posted on new crime prevention techniques and how to educate members of the public, we are revitalizing the Community Concerns column.

PLM will carry a column on Welfare’s latest offerings and privileges. Freeze Frame will feature subjects of topical interest, such as new changes in police strategies while Monochrome will take a look at history.

I still find Police Life the
very best police magazine
in publication -- Sir Mathews

An interesting figure will be profiled each month under the People column. On a lighter note, a new healthy lifestyle column will focus on ways to keep fit. Every alternate month, our readers will enjoy travel adventures written by our very own officers. Photo Salon will exhibit photo essays by the SPF’s top shutterbugs.

However our change does not end here, we hope to encourage our readers to contribute their ideas and articles to PLM.

Planning for this revamp began many months, meetings and late nights ago.

Armed with our vision to make PLM not just a police magazine, but your magazine as well, we fought off constant criticisms.

Many setbacks later, we emerged like a golden phoenix rising from the ashes. We are proud to say that this is the product to say that this is the product of a new younger generation. As they say, the best has yet to come.

The only constant is change, and as one bringing forth this change it is often tough. This is why even the simplest compliment makes us strive just a little harder.

A complimentary letter from an ardent overseas reader Sir Peter Matthews is a good example of how encouragement works like a pat on the back.

We thank Sir Matthews and others like him for his encouragement. We look forward to the year ahead with your support.

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