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It may be fun but they're dead serious about it!
Police Life Monthly - June 1997
The Police Academy's Telematch series never fails to generate a great deal of fun and excitement for participants and spectators alike and this year's Cop Challenge '96 was no exception. But most of the spectators were unaware of the long hours of training and planning that went on behind the scenes as the five competing teams strove to beat each other for the championship.

Each of the five teams (Buaya, Tiger, Snake, Dolphin and Eagle) were made up of a mixture of trainees from the Police Academy's current batches of regulars, officer cadets(OCTs), Special Constabularies(SCs) and Voluntary Constabularies (VSCs) and the teams were led by OCTs.

This is the first time such mixed teams have been allowed in the competition and Buaya House captain OCT Alan Ng echoed his team-mates'sentiments when he said that mixing around gave them an opportunity to interact with trainees of all kinds. "It helps to bring OCTs, regulars, SCs and VCs together, and it certainly reduces the monotony of training life," he said.

Great creativity was shown in the planning of various games, which had colourful names such as "Cop Nightingales", "Sherlock Holmes" and "Blue Knights".

In Blue Knights, one member from each team was required to dress as a police officer, run to a notice board containing crimes clues, identify the culprit by analysing the clues, arrest the appropriate suspect and race back to the starting point.

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