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Make way for Fast Response Motorcycles
Police Life Monthly - February 1998

Fast Response Cars (FRCs) ensure that our officers will arrive on the scene quickly but like all cars, their arrival can be delayed if they are caught in heavy traffic. The SPF has come up with an effective solution to that contingency - Fast Response Motorcycle (FRMs) that can weave through traffic, and in emergencies, even hop on to pavements or take short cuts through alleys and any other available routes.

Twenty-four officers from 'A' and 'C' Divisions hit the road on 1 December 1997 with their new Honda CBX 750 motorcycles as part of a pilot programme to gauge the scheme's effectiveness. Already the scheme is showing great promise.

"Our response time is now down to between 3-4minutes as compared with the FRCs which take a slightly longer time," says pioneer FRM rider Cpl Rosli Ahmad from Traffic Unit A.

Like FRCs, the FRMs are intended for urgent cases only. FRM officers will not follow normal shift hours but will instead be deployed during peak periods and at certain patrol sectors where traffic flow is heavy. They will conduct patrols and attend to urgent messages in pairs.

"We are dressed in the normal blue police uniform so at times members of the public think we are from Traffic Police and are puzzled. However, when we explain that we are part of the new breed of FRM riders they are impressed. They particularly appreciatethe speed with which we respond. This is a good sign," says Cpl Rosli.

FRM officers patrol with standard equipment including bullet-proof vests, fire extinguishers and first aid boxes. They are not bogged down by bulky equipment such as road block signs and shields.

"We submit our response time and evaluation weekly for monitoring and evaluation purposes," says Cpl Rosli. "The fact that we can ride on pathways and kerbs really speeds up response and I hope all divisions will have this new system soon. I feel proud to be part of the first batch of officers who have been selected for this pilot scheme."


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