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Features To my Academy - 76 glorious years  
  Here to make it timely - Police Life Weekly  
  "The Complete Policeman" (Neighhbourhood Police Centres)  
  What makes an officer a hero  
  A tribute to our officers - PLM 21 Commemorative Book  
  Police Life turns 21  
  TV Stars? Us?  
  Vietnam - a tour of duty  
  The very best police magazine in publication  
  20 years old and still going strong ...  
  ASP Steven Koh - the classic "tough guy" cop  
  The quiet achievers  
  Valiant Sgt Rose becomes first officer to win the Guiness Award  
  Meet the SPF's Web Spinners  
  A solemn experience motivates A/Insp Zainal Ramli  
  All the Presidents Men  
  Tough guys from PNS  
  Injury does not daunt these brave officers  
  Launch of Justice Is Done  
  Make way for Fast Response Motorcycles  
  SPF puts up a stiff fight at the Inter-Force Games  
  ASEAN Police Chiefs - Pledge greater cross-border cooperation  
  The SPF Band makes history  
  It may be fun but they're dead serious about it!  
  Keeping cool at the Fire-Walking Festival  
  Sincerity and initiative displayed at "G" division  

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