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Here to make it timely - Police Life Weekly
Police Life Monthly - February 1998
You must have noticed a one-page weekly bulletin going around your divisions and departments. Wondering how it came about? Pioneer Police Life Weekly (PLW) writer SC/Cpl Nisar Keshvani tells us all about it.

Fast, up-to-date newsbites. That is the concept behind Police Life Weekly which began its maiden print run in the first week of July 1997. Incidentally, the first story to hit the divisions was the handing over of command from Commissioner Tee Tua Ba to Commissioner Khoo Boon Hui.

"We realised there was a time lapse with Police Life Monthly. Because of production restraints - it takes close to two months to produce an issue - we could not carry the latest events and stories. Besides PLM plays more of an archival role, hence the need for PLW," said Mr Toh Yong Chuan, Assistant Director (Information) Public Affairs Department.
Few people realise that PLW was in fact running for a one and a half month period prior to its official launch. During the trial period a group of 30 officers were put on the mailing list to provide feedback on PLW's quality and concept.

"I am proud to have made a difference to PLW during the early stages. It has improved compared to the first few issues. Every officer I know looks forward to his weekly copy every Monday morning," said Sgt Sharreen Ibrahim, 'G' Division.

Since its pilot phase, PLW has not turned back. Each week one or two stories highlighting force-wide events or latest happenings are carried in the bulletin. Because of its hectic production schedule, our able reporters have to knock out their stories almost immediately after covering them.

"I first saw the weekly during my divisional attachment and it was refreshing. Little did I know I would be posted to the Public Affairs Department and that I would in fact be the one writing stories for both PLW and PLM," said Police Life Writer Insp Ronald Wong with a chuckle.

"Once the story is written, our in-house Editors Mr Toh and Mr Christopher Lim (Ag Head Publicity, Programme and Information) fine-tune the contents and the stories are passed on to our in-house designer.

"I am grateful that SC Juraimi Jumahat (pioneer designer of PLW) passed some skills on to me. We work on a tight schedule and since it is black and white, it is a challenge to sustain the readers attention," said SC/Cpl Azhar Talib, PLW's designer.

SC/Cpl Azhar has every Friday morning to produce the weekly. The PLW story is far from over once the layout is out. It next goes to our in-house printers at the Operations Division of Public Affairs Department and 1,000 copies are printed for distribution.

The copies are packed according to divisional strength and sent off via despatch every Saturday morning. Individual copies are also faxed to all 91 Neighbourhood Police Posts.

"Its nice to be in the know when it comes to police events. I used to hear it from fellow officers in other divisions. But today, my weekly copy arrives to my NPP promptly and I in turn pass it on to my men," said a happy SSgt John Vijayan, Deputy Officer-In-Charge Tanjong Pagar NPP.

There is a What's Coming Up! Column in the weekly to alert officers to coming events within the Force. A copy is also posted on the SPF Intranet promptly for officers to read. Once the issue is out, the production process for the next issue begins.

Mr Lim and Police Life Writer Insp Deane Chong sum up the feelings of the PLW team aptly.

"Six months have passed since our first issue. Though it is an arduous task producing PLW each week, it is the positive feedback that drives us on.We have received numerous calls and emails thanking us for our efforts. It's just another step towards keeping our men on the ground posted on what's happening throughout the Force."


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