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Tough guys from PNS
Police Life Monthly - December 1997
If you think IPPT ends once you pass out from Training Command, you definitely have the wrong idea. In fact, a team of PNSF officers run a fitness programme for their less fit counterparts and this writer had to learn about it the tough way.
In the pursuit of stories and the never-ending battle against time, writers sometimes do not have the opportunity to maintain their fitness. So we underwent remedial training with the PNS Department's Asst Ops Fitness Instructors SC/Cpl George Ng, SC/Cpl Dennis Tuan and SC/Cpl Yew Wei Shien.

Trying to keep up with them during our twice weekly sessions was in itself an arduous task (the fact that our fitness was lacking did not help). The idea that these tough guys were trained for two weeks in the Gurkha Contingent was not exactly a relief. But that was the only hard part.
We received lots of support not to mention encouragement. They urged us on and tugged us along through the exercise regime. In a short chat later, these AOFIs revealed what made them tick. "I guess the training at Gurkha Contingent was very useful. We learnt special training styles to suit our trainees. We try very hard to make it informal and to be as friendly as possible," said SC/Cpl Ng.
PNS officers are advised to take a trial test to check their fitness level and if they fail to meet the mark, a remedial training session follows.

"We arrange for remedial training to help them. I never pictured that I would do this during NS. Helping my counterparts keep fit is certainly a challenge," said SC/Cpl Tuan.

For SC/Cpl Yew it's a slightly different picture keeping reservist officers fit. He said: "They are busy professionals so they find it difficult to keep fit. Most of them understand we have a duty to perform and do not give us problems."
For all of them, one particular "trainee" was especially memorable. "He had problems with his pull-ups but he endured our training. In the end, a thank you from him was all we needed to urge us on to try harder. In fact, we had coffee sessions with him and he taught us some techniques from the Army too. A two-way communication process is definitely welcome to us all!"  

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