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Meet the SPF's Web Spinners
Police Life Monthly - April 1997

There are spiders in the Public Affairs Department. No, they are not of the conventional kind, just our police officers web-crawling in a different context altogether.

Mr Christopher Lee, Cpl Wan Hone Chiat, PC Raba’ah Jan and SC/Cpl Zulkarnain Amin are the Singapore Police Force Internet (SPINET) Unit officers behind our informative web pages SPINET. The website is a potpourri of information on anything and everything about the Singapore Police Force. Web surfers can learn about our organisational structure and the workings of Individual departments in SPF.

Having some fun outside the Academy – “Wrestlemania XXXXXII”

It is no mean feat maintaining the 400-page website which has had over 20,000 "hits" from all over the world.

"It was indeed a glorious moment when we recorded 20,000 hits two months ago," said OC SPINET Mr Lee. "We are now in the fast lane and we aim to match up to some of Singapore’s top web sites."

The team has been working hard to revamp the SPINET pages to commemorate its 1st anniversary on 30 April. The newly designed pages will allow easier access, better visuals and is in line with SPINET’s philosophy of constantly upgrading and keeping up with the latest technology.

In fact, it is this team who are responsible for producing the on-line version of Police Life every month. Police Life On-Line goes on the net concurrently with the printed version.

"It is tough work putting our pages together, but we noticed that our hit rates went higher when we introduced Police Life. That is satisfaction in itself," says SC/Cpl Zulkarnain, one of SPINET ‘s programmers.

Beam me up
Unknown to many, besides the weekly updating of pages, SPINET also receives feedback from surfers around the world. Cpl Wan has received emails from places such as Hong Kong, US, UK, Iceland, UAE and Dubai.

Surfers email short notes congratulating the Unit on its creative pages. Some report accidents and potential crime whilst others commend SPF on its low crime rates and security.

"Sometimes we receive the weirdest of emails, some from kids as young as eight. Most find the information on SPF valuable and at times we also receive emails from foreign police officers offering ‘electronic friendship’. At present l have quite a number of ‘email pals’," says Cpl Wan.

"Your web site is great, l can see that much effort went into it. It is impressive and offers valuable information. We need more progressive law enforcement agencies like yours on the net,’ said Mr Floyd R Lan, a regular Internet surfer.

"These compliments really make my day," says a beaming PC Jan. Only one year old and already making electronic waves, the SPINET crew promises more to come. So bring out your transponders and prepare to be beamed up for more exciting web surfing when SPINET is unveiled with a new look this April.

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