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Injury does not daunt these brave officers
Police Life Monthly - July 1997

Our Traffic Police officers are known for their diligence in keeping our roads safe for all road users. However, it is inevitable and ironic that in so doing, they expose themselves to potentially hazardous situation. But accidents can happen even when you have taken all precautions, and recently not one but all three Traffic Police officers were hospitalised in two separate accidents.

The first accident involved VSC Sgt Laurence Mackerroy and VSC Cpl Ishak Jalil. The two were riding their motorcycles when a pick-up coming from the opposite direction smashed into

Both men suffered fractured legs as a result of the accident. Investigations showed that the driver of the pick-up was drunk and had failed a breathalyser test.

"Both of them are really dedicated officers" remarked ASP Seah Thian Pau, OC Patrol, Traffic Police. "You can see them on duty almost every Saturday night."

The other accident which occurred on 1 May 96 involved PC Tan Yoke Siong. Ironically, PC Tan was helping an accident victim, Mr Razali Rahim out of his van when a Mercedes Benz rammed into the van from behind, throwing PC Tan towards a wall. PC Tan incurred multiple fractures on both legs and had to undergo surgery.

Commissioner Tee Tua Ba who was greatly concerned for the injured officers visited them in hospital to check on their progress.

"The Commissioner’s visit made my husband's day," said VSC Sgt Mackerroy's wife Mrs Linda Pang who is a staff nurse by profession. Mrs Pang, a Volunteer herself said that she understood the risks involved. "I really appreciated the Commissioner of Police (CP) coming down to visit us," she reiterated.

"This shows he cares for his men, both regulars and Volunteers."

Even though PC Tan had difficulty speaking, he assured the Commissioner that he was keen to get back to patrol duties again. Commissioner said he was pleased to note that PC Tan's condition had become stable and wished him a speedy recovery.


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