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Sincerity and initiative displayed at "G" division
Police Life Monthly - June 1996
The two stories that follow are simple little stories, not great action stories of herioc deeds and brilliant investigation. But they show how our officers helped people solve their day to day problems.

The stories demonstrate that sincerity and a desire to help are always appreciated and very often, it is these simple little incidents that do so much to enhance the image of the force in the eyes of the
A helping hand for the aged
Cpl Sim Hock Hee of Bedok NPP was on afternoon desk duty when he looked across the road and saw something that perturbed him greatly. It was an old and infirm Indian man struggling to cross the road. He was stuck in the middle with traffic on both sides, with nobody around to help him.

Cpl Sim went across to help and was even more surprised to discover that the old man, Mr Abdul Jabbar had only one leg and was carrying a bag of groceries as well. Cpl Sim quickly asked Sgt Lim Kim Sheng and Cpl Kumar Suresh of Team A for assistance. The quick-thinking officers grabbed a chair with rollers from the Neighbourhood Police Post(NPP) and wheeled him home.

Wondering why Mr Jabbar would be out on the streets unaccompanied, Cpl Sim visited him the next day to find out what he could of the unfortunate man's background.
He discovered that Mr Jabbar shared lodgings with two other tennants and that he would normally ask the assistance of his neighbours in purchasing groceries. If no help was forthcoming, he would
venture out on his own.

To ensure Mr Jabbar would not find himself in another predicament like the one he had been through, Cpl Sim gave Mr Jabbar the telephone number of the NPP and asked him to call if he needed assistance the next time.

Allaying a mother's fears

Cpl Abdul Karim and PC Azmi Omar from the Kaki Bukit NPP were on scooter patrol when they received a message from the Operation Room at about 2pm. They were told to attend to a case where a two-year old toddler had accidentally been locked inside the master bedroom of a house.

While the mother and an elder daughter were having a nap, her little daughter had gone into the bedroom, locked herself in, and gone to sleep. As all the house keys were in the bedroom, the mother was unable to free her child or to unlock her front grille gate.

When the officers arrived, the little girl woke up, and started crying.

The two officers knew that if the little girl was not freed shortly, she would probably cry herself into a frenzy and might even hurt herself in her panic. The officers advised the mother to continue talking to the child so that the child would calm down.

While Cpl Karim stayed behind to monitor the situation, PC Azmi went searching for of a locksmith who saved the situation. Mother and child were re-united and everything was brought under control.

Before leaving, the officers left the grateful mother with a bit of helpful advise. "Keep a spare key in the kitchen".


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