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  Interact + PCIT '99: Interacting live with the world  
  Interact + PCIT '99: Exclusive  
  IFFS/AFS '99: Asian participation increased by 38 per cent  
  8th AIGF '97: Show presents crafts from 30 countries  
  8th AIGF '97: New merchandising program match buyers' requests  
  8th AIGF '97: Strictly serious buyes flock to AIGF '97  
  INTEX '96: Apparel designs evolve into high-quality styles  
  8th AIGF '96: PrimeGifts shows upscale items  
  Trends '95: Expect quality goods as China moves upmarket  
  Singapore Shoe Makers: Offshore shoe production cuts prices by 20%  
  Singapore's bag makers look offshore to lower prices  

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