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Travel Tips
Brisbane, Australia
Directories Map of CBD - with links to hotels

Queensland Map:

Interactive Maps:

Look up local numbers and addresses (residential) (corporate)
Transport TransInfo (Queensland transport schedules, maps, timings)
Telephone hotline (local call): 13 12 30

Queensland Rail (local train schedule, timings etc)
Place to visit Guide to Brisbane City:
Queensland Holidays:
Brisbane Powerhouse:

Weekend markets by the Brisbane River and New Farm (chinatown)
Around Brisbane Gold Coast:
Quite touristy!
  Sunshine Coast: Quieter
Places to eat Punjabi Palace (butter chicken)
Tibetan Kitchen
The Chantahn
Norman Hotel (best steaks)
Kopi Tiam
Thai Panic
Simon's Place
Thai Kitchen
Thai Pochana
Hunan Cuisine
Tibetan Kitchen
Hungry Jacks (local Burger King - try Oz Burger)

Must try local foods: Fish and Chips, Mocha from any cafe, Sticky date pudding, mudcake, cheescake from the cheesecake shop, steak and mushroom pie
Events Any concert at the Brisbane Live Entertainment Centre
Woodford Folk Festival
Shopping Queen Street Mall
Stones Corner
Harbour Town (just before gold coast)

National Australia Bank -
Westpac Australia -
Telstra (phone):
Energex (electricity):
RACQ (Local automobile rescue):


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